Return To Seven Sisters Cliffs


The first time that I tried to photograph at Seven Sisters Cliffs near Eastbourne. I failed miserably. This was partly due to the limitations I had in terms of my kit – and the fact that I was not fully used to my new camera. Most of all, I failed because I did not stop to think and compose my shots the way I would have liked them. I was like a child in the candy store. Taking all that I could and decide what I like later. That is not the way I want to work. So, I took it upon myself to rid of this indecisive ‘one more shot’ sickness.


Ever since that first trip, I told myself that. If I’m not sure that I like the composition, I won’t be taking a photograph. I applied this motto to all of the photo sessions that I had. Slowly but surely I reduced the number of bad photos I took. This also forced me to think deeper into my images. When I would come across a scene where I knew it had a composition present. But I would struggle to find it through the lens, I would question why. I would find the elements that I did not like and figure out a way to eliminate them from those that I did.

I believe that an exercise like that will improve your workflow and ability to ‘see through the lens’.


Correcting My Flaws

On my way back to Seven Sisters Cliffs. I had an idea for some of the subject matter I would focus on. I knew that I wanted a photo of the lighthouse, an image of the seascape and that I wanted some abstraction and simplicity shots along the beach. But, all of the above had to be composed on the spot.

I would not allow myself to take numerous images of the same subject matter unless the lighting was a changing constantly. Even then, I would try and anticipate for the breaks in the cloud that would improve the image. I would not run around the same subject, thoughtlessly snapping away at the shutter. However, a small number of intended variations was permitted.

Following the rules above, I took a lot fewer images. But, more of them are usable. I can say with confidence, that I feel more pride when showing these as I know that they are as intended.



Here are 5 variations of the lighthouse. Taken throughout different times of the day.



These are 4 seascape images I liked the most.


Simplicity And Abstraction

Here are 5 of the simple and abstract images I picked out along the beach.


Post-Production Notes

If you have been reading some of my earlier posts, you might know that I am no fan of postproduction. Hence, I have a straight out the camera style. I exercise the perfection of my images by perfecting my composition. I attempt to better induce emotion through colour by customising my white balance settings and picture profiles. My post production usually consists of a couple of brush strokes to improve the image dynamic range, clarity, vibrancy and saturation to my liking.

I prefer to spend more time behind a camera rather than the computer.



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