Recently I have decided to act upon a preconception I had a few years ago. Ever since I imagined how great of an experience it would be to spend some years travelling the globe with barely anything. Merely exercising my dreams and ambitions, travelling mostly by foot and working with different people around the world.


The thought weighed on my mind heavily while I tried to fight through it, convincing myself that I should just dedicate my time to the pursuit of my desired career, get me a studio, a bunch of possessions, house, wife and all of the other things many of us are obsessed with.


Most of my friends whom I told about the idea, found it insane. Not because I plan to put aside my career and travel but because of the means I plan to employ in the way I will travel and how I will live. I spent much time thinking about it and I disagree with them all. I want to embrace the unknown and take responsibility for my own wellbeing.


Living apart off our societal structure, we’ve grown mentally weaker, we are losing touch with our morals and reason and we shun the inherent responsibility to take care of ourselves and our neighbours. We fear the unknown and we pray to governments to solve the problems that come our way on both large and small scale.

My plan is to leave for an undetermined period of time. Travelling with nothing but the contents of my backpack and of course my camera. I shall spend the majority of my time living out of my tent, with the land. Amongst other things, I want to experience firsthand, the elements, the wildlife and people. I want to see how life is lived elsewhere on the globe. I guess I’m just looking for an alternative.


I’m not dumb enough to just take off and hope for the best. First, I need to prepare, both mentally and physically. I’m not new to wild camping, hunting, gathering and craftsmanship but I’m not a pro and I have never had to rely on these things. Furthermore, being a Soviet Russian with a Lithuanian passport, Brexit messed me over. If I do not obtain a British passport and I leave now, for longer than two years, I may not be able to come back. So, I have to wait for my passport application to return to me while I use my time in London to save up a sufficient amount of money, gather the required equipment, further my skills and obtain more relevant knowledge.


I don’t yet see how I will get work in film and photography whilst I am out there but that does not phase me. The goal is life experience rather than career development. This does not mean that I won’t try to get an odd job or calibration work with individuals and businesses I see fit. It means that I am mainly going to do it because I love it and because I want you to see what I see and appreciate it, perhaps provide with a different perspective on life. When I get short on cash, I can always find a day job for a few months but I will no longer live to work as I see many of us do today.


I have no plan as to where exactly it is that I will go and I do not intend to have a route. What I can tell you is that regardless of the result of my passport application, once I accumulate enough money to have a pillow to fall on, I will go to visit my father who lives in Lithuania. He is a talented carpenter. Amongst other things, he taught me much of what I know about craftsmanship. I will live and work with him and his work peers before we head to Kazakhstan for a family reunion with my aunt and cousin as I had not seen them for about 15 years. After that, my walk will begin…

Along with this foreseeable route, I will document my growth. The experiences and obstructions, thoughts and studies, successes and failures.


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