New Lens, New Opportunity



As I can’t yet afford to purchase the lenses that I desire for my travels. I have decided to replace my throwaway lens and buy a fairly decent one that I could use with the Pentax K-1 while I am still in London. As I enjoy doing portrait and macro photography I thought that I should go for the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 1:1 macro lens.



The logic was that it will enable me to shoot some of the subject matter I enjoy and allow me to start using the Pentax for the odd portrait booking I get. This way, I can start earning back some of the money I spent, whilst stay under my creative skin.



So far, I have used the new system only for a few personal shoots and I am very happy with the lens performance. Its quality and build are really, quite good. I have come across no issues that jump out at me. There’s next to no light fall-off, it has razor edge sharpness and chromatic aberration is exceptionally low. But, using it on larger subjects such as people, I find that the focus travel distance is very short. I have to always double pull the focus. But, that is the expected downside of true macro lenses I guess. They offer good focus control at its magnified end but short focus travel from its infinity. But never mind that, I can produce some good stuff with it.


So now, I am thinking to post up some adverts for portraiture work and hope that my potential clients have the same time slots as I do.



One of the things that drag me down is that I don’t have a studio. This really drops my appeal for the targeted audience. When I am targeting individuals who are looking to update their linked in profiles or aspiring actors that are looking for more affordable headshots. They usually want the option for both. Environmental portrait alone does not seem to be very appealing.

Especially, at this time of year, it is cold and the weather could turn on us. And for my portable studio, I could not set it up in my little room for a shoot. So, I would have to offer to put it up outdoors or inside the customers home if space allows it. Furthermore, people are generally saving money at this time of year. So as you can see, I find myself in a bit of a pickle. But, that won’t stop me from trying.


Here are some of the shots I took with the new Tamron 90mm lens. I can’t wait for the day Tamron start weather sealing their kit. Then I might consider them for travels.




Won’t Be Leaving Much Behind
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