My Lens Dilemma


I’ve been stuck in a dilemma for the past few weeks now. I cannot make a decision on the next lens that I should buy. And I will most certainly need one for my trips to National Parks of GB in the foreseeable future.


I know that the range I want to take for my travels is somewhere from 20-200mm, preferably completed in two or three lenses. The Pentax 24-70mm + 70-200mm is the obvious choice. Although I can’t afford them yet, besides I don’t like the weight or size of the Pentax 70-200. Perhaps, I could go for the cheaper third party manufacturer such as Sigma or Tamron. But, of course, at the lower prices come disadvantages in quality and build. The consumer in me tells me that I should just buy the best, and the excuse he gives me is that I won’t need to buy it again before I leave for travels. Which is a good argument! But, the rational me, knows that I still need to practice and explore my range preferences. So I should go for something more basic for now. The dilemma doesn’t end there.


Taking into consideration that, in a few weeks I’ll be heading up to Lake District National Park. I plan to buy a new lens before I go as my Tamron 90mm won’t be enough. I have never been to Lake District before so I don’t know what to expect exactly. However, I do know that it’s a mountainous terrain with many lakes and caves. On one hand, a lens at a wider range will enable me to capture the magnitude of the vast land and waterscapes. Yet, on the other, a 70-200mm will allow me to compress the perspective and isolate my subject in an otherwise cluttered image. I don’t yet consider myself to be experienced enough to be able to tell you what lens range is my preference for a mountainous terrain. Especially, when I don’t know anything about the location.


Hypothetically dreaming, if I am shooting a sunrise from the top of a mountain whilst mist is rolling over the hills, and it reveals a beautiful symmetry with trees, in a distance. The image that is only as beautiful from my current perspective, and composition that works only when isolated from the grander things. God forbid that I miss that image.

I’m aware that there are those who will say that I should just buy a wide as I will be able to crop and crop on the 36MP image, but I won’t be able to go wider. There are also those who will say that one should have the option to reach the subject matter without any compromise on the image. I think this clash is due to each photographer’s workflow preferences, experience and skill. Some photographers don’t shoot to ‘fix’ the image in post. They compose the image as they see it on the field, then they release the shutter. That is how I want to work with my photography.


Sadly, I can’t yet afford the full 24-200mm range. But I am planning to take many trips around UK National Parks this year. So, I’ll need to settle on something. Hence, my reason is telling me that for now, I should go for the Pentax 28-105 or the new Sigma 24-105 (if Pentax is one of their mount options). Both lenses are better than decent and they cover much of the range that I want. So, I can rest in peace for a few months…

But, I want the big boy toy now!!!

I need some advice and guidance.

Please, if you have any wisdom and experience to pass onto me, post in the comments below. It will be much appreciated!




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