Hello World



Finally, after many sleepless nights, frustrating searches for Youtube tutorials and several template changes I have completed my second ever website. Whilst juggling my full-time job and hobby it took me about three months to construct this site. And it did not take too long to launch it after my previous contract expired.


Considering that I am not a very keen internet nerd, I had never built a site without a drag and drop builder and I knew nothing about HTML coding, WP plugins or SEO. I have managed to build a website with Word Press almost as quickly as I had imagined. And it turned out to be almost as good as I wanted. All thanks to countless Youtube tutorials and internet forums.



Unlike my first site. This one is not dedicated to business. But rather a personal site where I share the variety of work that I enjoy doing. I will be also writing about the long-term journey I am planning to undertake. The reasons I have for going and my plans leading up to it. The experiences I gather and kit which I buy that prepares me for it. I may also have some affiliate links that will help me raise some money to further fund the travels.

I had never blogged before so I decided that I will give it a go. I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and I pray that you will find it in your heart to forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes, as I can come up with an unfathomable quantity of excuses for it.





My New Camera
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