Heading off to Lake District National Park



Today is the first day, of my two-week holiday. A well deserved holiday. After 9 months of voluntary slavery at a job, I do not like. It’s become far tougher forcing myself to stomach it just a little longer.
I have decided to use these two weeks to get out of the city and indulge in the things I love doing.


Seeing as I am still waiting for my passport to return from the UK government, hopefully with the approval of my permanent residency. I can not leave this country.  So, tomorrow I will be heading up to Lake District National Park. This is where I will spend 10 days surrounded by nature and the elements. I will be camping out in the hills, indulging in bush-craft and photography.



My plan is to hike from Cockermouth all the way to Kendal through the magnificent landscapes of the national park. My route is roughly sketched out, hiking through Buttermere, past the Scafell Pike and Langdale valley, then through Grizedale and Newby Bridge and onto Kendal. The route is most likely to have some changes as I will be detouring, looking out for the oddities and the juxtaposition in the landscape. Perhaps I’ll even follow up on the suggestions some of the locals might give me, in regard to those ‘gem’ locations. Hence, I have set aside several days for detours, off-roading, waits for right conditions and whatever else may befall my journey.

Predominantly, this journey will be a photographic endeavour. My aim is to explore and shoot the magnificent landscapes and with some luck, a bit of wildlife. I have never been to this particular national park, so, I hardly know what to expect. Mostly, I will be winging it. But, unlike my trip to Seven Sisters Cliffs, I will have much more time to slow down and really think about my images.



I will be bringing only the essentials for this journey. I will be out there for only ten days. So, I’m not too worried about the survival aspect. Although broken bones, hyperthermia and navigation are very real risks. I can assure you with confidence that I am competent enough to either avoid or face up to the potential misfortunes and realise the solution that my situation may dictate.

The garments and survival equipment that I am bringing with me is relatively basic. Waterproofs and quality garments knitted from wool, silk and polycotton. They will help me stay dry and warm at night.
A lightweight tent and sleep system, knife, cook set, ferrocerium rod, etc…

My real worry is the photography aspect. Although I’m going there for ten days, I am still limited to only ten days. So, I pray that light and weather conditions are on my side. I want the freedom to reach the best standpoints and more importantly, use my camera. The Pentax K1 and my new Pentax 28-105 lens should be able to stand up to the rain just fine. But, it isn’t going to be fun if it’s raining the entire time I am there. I am hoping for some weather transitions for more interesting conditions. But, you can never know so I would rather not worry about that.  Furthermore, my Tamron lens is not weather sealed, it would be a shame to ruin it. Lastly, I would hate to ruin the new set of filters my good friend, and a talented filmmaker, Will Churchill (“aka” Optica Colubris) gifted me. Thanks to him, I finally have a working polarizer and a set of decent ND filters that I plan to use a lot in the future.


Final Words

I am very much so, looking forward to this trip. It has been many months since I’ve been camping and bush crafting. I can not wait to see what little, although beautiful nature the United Kingdom has to offer. I will most certainly travel around as many national parks in the UK as time and finance will allow me.


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