Guess Who’s Back



We haven’t talked in quite some time now. I do realise that I haven’t been the best of bloggers. They say consistency is the key when it comes to social media presence. But, life gets in the way of each one of our endeavours.

Speaking of life, let’s catch up and see what has been going on with mine in the past few months that I seemed to lay dormant.


Previous Readings

As you might have gathered from my previous posts. I took on extra hours at a job I hated so that I could buy a motorbike. I had also developed minor creative depression and block on productivity. I was not feeling very well, and that was topped off with a letter back from the government declining my passport application. Altho, the latter I did not mention in the previous posts.


So What Happened

I worked off the time and achieved my target to buy a motorbike by the start of July. First thing I did, following my purchase, was a three-week holiday request from work. I needed a break and thought to fly to Lithuania where I would spend much time away from the city. Days before I dispatched from London I decided that instead of flying I will go on a motorbike trip instead. A lot of things happened during my ride to Lithuania and back, also within the timeframe I had spent there. But, I will cover those in the following posts.


Since I Returned

Since I got back to London, the first thing I did was hand in my leaving notice to my employer. That was extremely satisfying. Even though I had no solid plan other than look for work outside of hospitality and retail. I was certain that I no longer wish to do this to myself. The job was eating me from the inside, not to mention the lack of company ethics and respect. I wanted out, and I wanted it asap.

When I fulfilled my notice period, opportunities rose quickly. I had a new job within a week. I now work as a crew member for the Ace Crew and my job is, among other things, rigging and de-rigging stages, lights and sets for a variety of clients. A role that I enjoy far more than anything hospitality could offer. With a bonus of extremely flexible yet consistent work hours and higher wages. If I wish, I am able to take extra work on the side and travel as much as I like. There aren’t many jobs you can have, that will let you leave for a month to come back and work the following day.


What Now

I have received some emails from you guys telling me that you enjoy the blog and how I should keep it going. Although, I haven’t been feeling very motivated to take photos, videos and write these blogs, I can feel that my mojo is comming back now. So today, I would like to announce my return to social media. I will be more active and post a peace of content at least once a week. My blog posts will come out at noon on mondays and updates on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be a bit more frequently.

So, join in and tell a friend. Dont be shy to coment and ask me anything.

Kind Regards


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