Day At The Zoo


Last week I thought that it would be a good idea to pop out into my local zoo and take some pictures. I thought to challenge myself, to shoot animals looking like they are in the wild. Which meant no fences, people or man-made object in the shoots. A far more difficult task than I had anticipated. Given that most animals were entirely surrounded by fences, netting, glass and man-made objects. It was very difficult to compose the shots in a manner that made the animals look wild. And the 105mm limit on my lens did not make a difference on the animals that decided to stay away.

So, for the most part, I consider my assignment to be a failure. Although, I did get a few shots that look to be on a wilder side.


Wildlife Attempts

There were very few animals that I was able to approach close enough that I could eliminate all the giveaway elements of their captivity. Mostly, these were the walk-in enclosures. Only a few could be captured over the fences and through the glass.

Here are a few shots that I like.




Captivity Obvious

Now, I wish that I took a few more of these. I was so focused on finding the best composition for the ‘Wildlife look’, that I forgot to take pictures of what I liked. I could have taken images of people interacting with animals, documented the sadness of their captivity and more. But instead, I got so fixated on what I planned to do and missed it all.

Better luck next time.




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