Author: Roman Spilcak

Heading off to Lake District National Park

Today is the first day, of my two-week holiday. A well deserved holiday. After 9 months of voluntary slavery at a job, I do not like. It’s become far tougher forcing myself to stomach it just a little longer.
I have decided to use these two weeks on spending some time away from the city and indulging in the things I love doing.

Seeing as my passport is with the UK government for the next several months, I can not leave this country. So, tomorrow I will be heading up to Lake District National Park. This is where I will spend 10 days surrounded by nature and the elements. I will be camping out in the hills, indulging in bush-craft and photography.

Shooting At Seven Sisters Cliffs – A Massive Failure

If you have been following me on my social media sites. Then you probably know that, a few weeks ago, I went to Seven Sisters Cliffs for a day of photography. Generally, I am extremely disappointed with myself. I know that I could have taken far better images than I did. But, not all was in vain. The day was educational, to say the least.
It helped me realise some things about my photography that I had not noticed or given a second thought before. And ultimately, it raised some issues with my workflow and equipment that I think must be improved.

My Lens Dilemma

I’ve been stuck in a dilemma for the past few weeks now. I cannot make a decision on the next lens that I should buy. And I will most certainly need one for my trips to National Parks of GB while I’m still here.

I know that the range I want to take for my travels is somewhere from 20-200mm, preferably completed in two or three lenses. The Pentax 24-70mm + 70-200mm is the obvious choice although I can’t afford them yet, besides I don’t like the weight or size of the Pentax 70-200. Perhaps, I could go for the cheaper third party manufacturer such as Sigma or Tamron. But, of course, at the lower prices come disadvantages in quality and build. The consumer in me tells me that I should just buy the best, and the excuse he gives me is that I won’t need to buy it again before I leave for travels. Which is a good argument! But, the rational me, knows that I still need to practice and explore my range preferences so I should go for something more basic for now. The dilemma doesn’t end there.

Won’t Be Leaving Much Behind

For about two years I was freelancing, but I was barely scraping it financially. Although that is how beginning looks most of us, I did not want to continue full time. I have to leave ASAP. So, I went back to do some bartending for a more predictable source of income. That and a few shoots per month should help me save up a sufficient sum of money for travels and necessary equipment.

New Lens, New Opportunity

As I can’t yet afford to purchase the lenses that I desire for my travels. I have decided to replace my throwaway lens and buy a fairly decent one that I could use with the Pentax K-1 while I am still in London. As I enjoy doing portrait and macro photography I thought that I should go for the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 1:1 macro lens. The logic was that it will enable me to shoot some of the subject matter I enjoy and allow me to start using the Pentax for the odd portrait booking I get. This way, I can start earning back some of the money I spent, whilst stay under my creative skin.


Recently I have decided to act upon an idea I dreamt up a few years ago. Ever since I imagined how great of an experience it would be to spend some years travelling the globe with barely anything. Merely exercising my dreams and ambitions, travelling mostly by foot and working with different people around the world.