Author: Roman Spilcak

Return To Seven Sisters Cliffs

Ever since that first trip, I told myself that. If I’m not sure that I like the composition, I won’t be taking a photograph. I applied this motto to all of the photo sessions that I had. Slowly but surely I reduced the number of bad photos I took. This also forced me to think deeper into my images. When I would come across a scene where I knew it had a composition present. But I would struggle to find it through the lens, I would question why. I would find the elements that I did not like and figure out a way to eliminate them from those that I did.

People Skills

Those who know me in person will agree that I don’t have very good people skills. When confronted with an unknown face I tend to stay quiet and observe the individual, before I feel comfortable or confident enough to communicate. Often, if I do talk prematurely it is like my tongue knots up and I begin to slur words. At its worst case, my mind will go blank and I forget the question that was asked of me, or the topic brought up. This is something I have been working on fixing in the past few years. But, I am still nowhere near the stage where I could just walk up to a random person and start a chat with them like I’ve known them my whole life.

A Fantastic Trip To Say The Least – Lake District

Lake District is a magnificent place. Besides me losing a quarter of my leg in a ‘life or death’ battle with a polar bear whom I beat with the pencil I kept in one of my pockets, I had a magnificent time. The trip did not turn out to be so much of a photography trip as it was raining, snowing and hailing on most days. My trip turned out to be a rough endurance of the unforgiving elements. Which, in of itself, was a great thrill for me. Although there were moments I was doubting my decision and swearing at the universe. The moments were short lived.

A Freebie From Sleeklens

Recently, I was contacted by the good people from Sleeklens team with a request that in exchange for one of their products if I could write an honest post about them. After an investigation of the company and products, I decided to do it because I like their work.
So here it is. Sleeklens is a Denmark-based company that…

Heading off to Lake District National Park

Today is the first day, of my two-week holiday. A well deserved holiday. After 9 months of voluntary slavery at a job, I do not like. It’s become far tougher forcing myself to stomach it just a little longer.
I have decided to use these two weeks on spending some time away from the city and indulging in the things I love doing.

Seeing as my passport is with the UK government for the next several months, I can not leave this country. So, tomorrow I will be heading up to Lake District National Park. This is where I will spend 10 days surrounded by nature and the elements. I will be camping out in the hills, indulging in bush-craft and photography.

Shooting At Seven Sisters Cliffs – A Massive Failure

If you have been following me on my social media sites. Then you probably know that, a few weeks ago, I went to Seven Sisters Cliffs for a day of photography. Generally, I am extremely disappointed with myself. I know that I could have taken far better images than I did. But, not all was in vain. The day was educational, to say the least.
It helped me realise some things about my photography that I had not noticed or given a second thought before. And ultimately, it raised some issues with my workflow and equipment that I think must be improved.