Author: Roman Spilcak

Guess Who’s Back

We haven’t talked in quite some time now. I do realise that I haven’t been the best of bloggers. They say consistency is the key when it comes to social media presence. But, life gets in the way of each one of our endeavours.

Attempts In Still Life Photograpahy

Last week I have decided to do something new. Still life photography is not something that I had done before and I thought it could be quite interesting to try it out. So I bought me a sheet of glossy black perspex and spent one day trying to photograph water splashes and objects. I must say, I do enjoy it for the most part but with some objects, it can get quite tedious. Sometimes, you have to shoot for post production – and I don’t like that.

A Third Of a Year

When I first started out with this blog I did not know how this will go. I didn’t know if I could keep it up and I never thought that it would help me to stay productive, pushing the ball towards my goals. I just knew that there is a story in this journey that I am undertaking and I hoped that there would be someone out there who would like to read about it.