A Third Of a Year


When I first started out with this blog I did not know how this will go. I didn’t know if I could keep it up and I never thought that it would help me to stay productive, pushing the ball towards my goals. I just knew that there is a story in this journey that I am undertaking and I hoped that there would be someone out there who would like to read about it.



Now I am not a superstar photographer or videographer sharing tips and camera reviews. I am not even a fully fledged traveller telling you how you can quit your job to travel with yoga pants whilst making money from your gluttony blog. I am just any man, trying to escape the mental and financial shackles I’ve been dressed in since birth. And do what I believe I should be doing, rather than living a seemingly pre-scripted life, for the city.

Whilst my own goal is to to be self-dependant, live free, roaming the globe and exercising my skills and talents. The hopeful goal for this blog is to inspire, educate and provoke thought in the reader’s mind. I hope that I can achieve this even with just a few of you. My priority is content that matters and helps, not views that will attract sponsors. I do not track my website traffic and I do not intend to start. I am afraid that it might affect me in a wrong way.


So Far

Since I started this blog, I have been exploring my ways and trying to find the best methods to draw out a comprehensive personality blog that ties all of my skills, lessons, thoughts and philosophies in a non-conflicting manner. As I progress, a wider range of content will surface. Not only photography and travels around national parks.

In the past four months, I have done mostly that. I have visited, wild camped and photographed in a few places around England. I’ve also assigned me to numerous photo projects that are designed for personal growth and exploration of my crafts. I began a pursuit of several skills for addition to my lifestyle and I’ve documented most of it.


From Now

You can expect more. My decision to launch this personality blog has not only been more successful than I had ever anticipated. This has also been challenging, inspiring and enlightening for myself. It has driven me to do the things that I probably would still be putting off. It has given me a place to share mine and be heard.

Your support has been immense. Thank you all who read, subscribed, shared and commented on my posts. It is far more than I believed I could achieve in the first few months and it drives me to do more.

It has been a fun ride! And I intend to keep it up!



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