A Freebie From Sleeklens


Recently, I was contacted by the good people from Sleeklens team with a request that in exchange for one of their products if I could write an honest post about them. After an investigation of the company and products, I decided to do it because I like their work.


So here it is. Sleeklens is a Denmark-based company that, as well as offering professional retouching services, they produce preset workflow systems for Photoshop and Lightroom and they educate on how to use them. For those who don’t know, preset workflows and presets are very different things.
Presets are pre-set settings that you apply to an image with one click for universal transformation, supposedly from a good image to a great one. But, we all know that never works because every image is different, it has distinct light, tonality, depth, mood and characteristics. Hence, they need to be edited differently.
Preset workflow systems, on the other hand, are designed to do just one thing at a time and they are stackable in nature. So, we can individually apply the effects that we specifically need, and build the image one effect at a time.

In other words, the products Sleeklens produce are designed to work with us, not for us.


The Product

Recently, Sleeklens developed a package for landscape photographers called ‘Through the Woods Workflow’. This workflow features 30 Brushes, 50 Presets and easy to follow recipe list. It is compatible with both PC and Mac and works with JPEG or RAW format images. This is the workflow that they have sent me to use with Lightroom.


Personally, I am loving this addition to my post processing toolkit. I had never used workflow systems to edit my images before. So, this is truly speeding things up for me with no compromise. I still have full creative control to fulfil my vision the way I want it and I spend less time doing it. Even though my style is more of a “straight out of the camera”, having used the workflow for a few images, it is definitely getting me excited.


The Presets

Presets come organised into two overall categories. A set of 12 all in one presets and 38 targeted adjustment presets that are stackable in nature.
Generally, they are very well thought out and organised. The presets work considerably well on a vast variety of images, and you can always tweak them to your taste.

For me, this is very useful for the times that I either. Make a rookie mistake with my camera settings, conditions won’t allow me to get the right exposure or when I just don’t have the spare moment to balance my exposure properly.

With just a few clicks and adjustments I can bring my disappointing RAW files to a good image. Sometimes, even great!


The Brushes

Brushes, on the other hand. Because they allow extremely localised image adjustments. I consider them as a necessity for me.

They definitely speed up my workflow. ‘Through the woods’ offers tone, colour, exposure, contrast, sharpness, etc.. specific brushes that I can use on the parts of the image that I need. It also allows me to easily stack the strokes without me having to faff about, creating new brushes and constantly readjusting the settings. Instead, I can just click on a designated brush and make my adjustments on the image.



One suggestion for the team at Sleeklens. Would be, to create a few brushes that would remove specific YMCK or RGB colour tones from the image. Although, I’m not sure if Lightroom allows this type of adjustment as I do this through Photoshop.


Thank you Sleeklens, for contacting me and allowing me to try this product. I am very happy with it and will be using it frequently in my work! Keep on producing.

Best Wishes

Roman Spilcak



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